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The new diamonds were formed by volcanic gases under pressure and are a result of crystallization "under the influence of electrical discharges of lightning."..Continue

India's polished Diamond exports rise 9.4% in H1 2015

  • Polished imports into the country fell by 41.9% to $1.957 billion, leaving next exports up 34.9% to $9.115 billion.

De Beers H1 rough Diamond sales fall 26% to 14 mn carats

  • Production fell by 6% to 7.96 million carats in the second quarter and by 3% to 15.63 million carats in the first half of the year.

Belgium's polished Diamond exports rise 2% to $1.386 bn in June

  • The country's polished diamond imports recorded a 7% decline in June with $1.399 billion, leaving net exports with a deficit of $13.4 million - compared to a deficit of $145.7 million a year ago.

US polished Diamond imports drop 2.9% Y/Y in May

  • Rough diamond imports dropped 67.2% in May to $20 million, while rough exports fell 61.7% to $18 million, leaving net rough imports down 85.7% at $2 million.

Diamond prices fall in 2015: Rapaport

  • Diamond prices have declined in 2015 and many categories are now trading at discounts greater than 35 percent below the Rapaport Price List.

Israel's polished Diamond exports drop 17% in H1

  • Rough diamond imports to Israel declined 21% to $1.623 billion during the first half and rough exports dropped 22% to $1.361 billion. As a result, net rough imports, representing imports less exports, slid 15% to $262 million.

World's first Diamond exchange to start trading in September

  • The platform is designed to deliver price transparency and liquidity to the diamond market through a real-time price discovery mechanism, allowing diamonds to be traded as a commodity, thus enabling the creation of a new asset class.

India's polished Diamond exports down 9.3% in May

  • Imports of rough diamonds declined 14% to $1.323 billion in May, while rough exports fell 17.4% to $118 million, leaving net imports down 13.7% at $1.205 billion.

Australia's Mustang Resources discovers Diamonds in Mozambique

  • A total of 9.68 carats were recovered including a 1.64 carat stone from Pit 2, the statement noted.
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