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GDX could target $40 while GDXJ could target $73, he said. Historical analysis shows that the potential upside targets of GDX $40 and GDXJ $73 could be achieved…..Continue

Gold miner GDX, GDXJ may be ready for recovery- Target $40, $73

  • GDX could target $40 while GDXJ could target $73, he said. Historical analysis shows that the potential upside targets of GDX $40 and GDXJ $73 could be achieved by the end of this year

Have Sex, Gift less, talk financial stability- way to celebrate Valentine's Day

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  • The online survey revealed that the majority of Canadians (61 per cent) prefer to have sex over receiving a gift, including 73 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women -but that's no excuse to forget the roses! While sex may be the answer for some, the survey also found that this Valentine's Day, Canadians intend to stick to conventional gifts but are spending less overall than their U.S. counterparts.

Record decline in Commodity ETF assets as Gold prices, ETF holdings tumble in 2013

  • The influence of fall in Gold ETF holdings and gold price was so significant that non-gold ETF outflows accounted for less than 1% of the decline in Assets under Management (AUM).

Sentiments glum on Gold mining ETFs and holdings

  • Being patient with GDX from the short side or DUST from the long side could pay dividends because, as Wagner noted, one sell-off after a test of resistance could take GDX to its 2008 lows around $18. The ETF closed at $21.66 Tuesday, just over 20% above its all-time low set in October 2008.

Gold ETFs back in favour, Paulson retains stake in SPDR Gold Trust

  • The fund managed by billionaire and long term gold bull has retained its stake in GLD possibly because Federal Reserve is unlikely to announce tapering of its stimulus measures and continue with bond buying, Reuters reported.

India Gold ETF assets gain marginally on rise in prices, mutual funds decline

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  • Domestic gold prices represented by the CRISIL Gold Index, rose over 18% during the quarter. The rise in domestic gold price was aided by an increase in global US dollar denominated gold price, and weakening of the Indian rupee against the US dollar

Gold could eventually go $3000, GDX is apt for risk loving investors

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  • David Morgan (The Morgan Report) has predicted $1550 per ounce gold by 2013 end while silver could rise to $26 per ounce. Alen Newman suggests that inflationary trends in the global economy could ultimately push gold to $3000 levels.

Best plays in Silver ETF space

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  • Zacks Investment Research has given a buy rating rank 2 fo iShares Silver Trust tracking silver bullion and has less than $ 8bn in assets under management

Profit from Silver plays with Pure Funds ISE Junior Silver ETF

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  • Major stocks in SILF portfolio:The top four are Silvercorp Metals Inc. (SVM:TSX; SVM:NYSE), Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (FSM:NYSE; FVI:TSX; FVI:BVL; F4S:FSE), Endeavour Silver Corp. (EDR:TSX; EXK:NYSE; EJD:FSE) and MAG Silver Corp. (MAG:TSX; MVG:NYSE). They are the larger companies, the larger weightings, but they also are closer to becoming midtier producers, as well.
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