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The outflow pulled the assets base of Gold ETFs to Rs 6,688 crore in May from Rs 8,676 crore at the end of the last fiscal...Continue

Outflows continue to persist in Indian Gold ETFs

  • AUM fell 1.9% to Rs 66.88 billion due to net outflows of Rs 0.86 billion and MTM losses. The price of gold (represented by the CRISIL Gold Index) fell 0.3% in May.

Investor's demand in ETFs may support Gold Futures: HSBC

  • "The rise in gold holdings so far in April may be viewed as a sign of strength from longer-term investors. These investors are often viewed as having a buy and hold philosophy when compared to investors on the faster moving COMEX," said HSBC. "A further build in gold-holdings in ETFs may help support prices, in our view."

India Gold ETFs decline in March quarter: CRISIL

  • Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) has posted 4.46% decline or 21,742 folio closure to end at 4.66 lakh folios in the quarter ended March 2015. The retail segment saw closure of 20,265 folios in the latest quarter as investors shied away from the category due to subdued performance by the underlying asset.

India Gold ETFs continue downtrend:CRISIL

  • AUM fell 2.53%, or Rs 1.81 billion, to Rs 69.97 billion due to persistent outflows and MTM losses. Gold prices, as represented by the CRISIL Gold Index, fell 3.18% in the quarter.

Gold leads decline in commodity ETF assets globally, Silver gains: ETFS

  • Gold ETFs accounted for nearly 60% of the decline in global commodity ETP AUM, with AUM dropping by US$7.4bn to US$69bn. Of the AUM decline, 82% was due to the gold price decline over the quarter.

Gold ETPs post net inflows so far in July: Barclays

  • Gold exchange-traded products have posted net inflows so far during July, said Barclays.

Gold and real yields begin to recouple

  • Despite the strong outperformance of developed market equities so far this year, the gold price relative to equities still remains well below its previous highs. With equities looking highly stretched on most valuation measures, ETF Securities believes gold provides a good hedge.

Talks to end the Platinum strikes continue in SA

  • Platinum and palladium gained 1.3% and 1.6% respectively on the back of gold and silver with additional support from strike resolution issues in South Africa, said ETF Securities.

Gold holdings may remain weak and are unlikely provide support to prices: Barclays

  • In Barclays' view, holdings will likely remain weak and are unlikely provide support to gold prices.
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