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Gold mine clashes ease in Sudan

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The country planned to accumulate as much gold as possible and announced a ban on the export of crude gold.

NEW YORK(BulllionStreet): Gold mine related violence killed more than 100 persons in Sudan's Darfur region, according to the UN African Union peacekeeping mission operating in the region.

In a report the UNAMID however said tribal clashes over the control of gold mines in the region have subsided but security in the area remains tense and volatile.

The clashes have also resulted in the alleged displacement of 60,000 persons.

Several North Darfur villages have been torched in the battles between rival tribes this month, and gunmen have blocked roads to prevent UN observers from getting to the region.

Battles between tribes have added to a resurgence in violence in Darfur, where the Khartoum government has been battling an uprising for the past decade. The UN says more than 300,000 people have died since 2003.

Sudan is focusing more on gold production since the breakaway of South Sudan which holds majority of oil fields.

The country planned to accumulate as much gold as possible and announced a ban on the export of crude gold.

The crude gold export will be banned since January 2013, but local gold marketing activities will continue via the establishment of a gold bourse in Sudan.

According to the central bank's funding policy for 2013, the expansion in purchasing and exporting refined gold from the national mining sector would continue.

The bank urged companies operating in the field of gold mining to abide by its regulation of exporting gold after purifying it at Khartoum Gold Refinery.Sudan's annual gold exports are expected to exceed 50 tons.

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