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Changes in gold are sometimes driven upward not by relative weakness in the U.S. dollar to other fiat currencies, but, instead, by flight from all paper currencies...Continue

More opportunity likely for shorting Gold: Barclays

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  • Barclays believes that the macro environment is still bearish with US growth likely to hold up well and prospects of a stronger dollar are high.

Monex Precious Metals Review: Gold hits high of $1193, silver support $15.05

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  • Monex spot gold prices opened the week at $1,166 . . . traded as high as $1,193 on Friday and as low as $1,146 on Friday . . .

Gold re-emerges best performing precious metal: ETFS

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  • ETF Securities Ltd (ETFS) said in a weekly report that the yellow metal only declined only 0.8% compared to 4.8% decline in silver and 2.4, 2.7% declines in platinum and palladium respectively.

Gold rebounds on physical demand, US dollar weighs

  • Macro environment and forex are bearish for gold with first policy rate hike by US Fed expected in June this year. Barclays said rate hikes will remain a key hurdle for gold in the near future.

Gold downslide continues, Indian demand fails to support

  • Jeff Nichols said gold markets can no longer count on rising geopolitical risk to support rising prices. Lately, gold has largely ignored the myriad of global risks that occupy the daily headlines.

Gold falls below $1200 on US dollar, Palladium bucks trend: ETFS

  • Year-to-date, gold ended the week with a loss of 3.3%. Accentuating the increase in currency volatility, gold in Euro terms ended the week up 6.2% YTD while the US dollar index has gained 8.6% in 2014 (+9.4% since early May). Defensive assets suffer as cyclical equities regain vigour.

Gold dip below $1000 will be temporary, Silver still attractive: Sunshine Profits

  • Radomski said that RSI indicator is not oversold, so gold can very well fall further. How low can gold go initially? At least to the previous October low or perhaps a bit more lower.

Gold set to bottom at $1000 and climb to $3000 in three years: Jordan Roy Byrne

  • Byrne said that key driver of gold is negative real rates. There is talk of increase in interest rates by US Federal Reserve some time in early 2015. However, since the governments are in huge debt, raising interest rates actually raises the cost of holding such debt.

Gold eyes FOMC meet, Silver supply to decline: ETFS

  • In US dollar terms, gold ended the week with a year-to-date (YTD) gain of 2.4% compared to the 6.3% YTD increase in the S&P 500 index and despite a 7.1% increase in the US dollar index.
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