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Barclays in a weekly report said that absence of basing signals and weekly close below the $1240 range, add to the downside bias for gold in the near term.Marginal…..Continue

Gold price fall presents a good trading opportunity: Chris Vermeulen

  • In silver, the selling pressure started around July 15th of this year and the selling has not stopped. Silver futures prices dropped from roughly $21.50 to $18.50 an ounce in about two months. This represents a near 14% decline in the price of silver over the past 2 months.

Gold could be the beneficiary of today's asset bubbles: Jeff Nichols

  • Jeff Nichols warns that optimism about US economy may be misplaced as OECD has cut its growth projections for US and other economies.

Dollar strength, dampening geo-political risks weigh on Gold, Silver: ETFS

  • Gold could gain haven demand if Ukraine ceasefire proves to be short-lived. The ceasefire between Ukraine and Russian-supported rebels appears to be under threat after multiple reports of shelling between the two sides

The 9th China Gold & Precious Metals summit to be held on Dec 3-4

  • The conference will highlight precious metal prices and the supply & demand fundamentals for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, multiple headwinds weighing on gold

Kaloti fully compliant with DMCC guidelines: Grant Thornton

  • Conducted by the forensic audit team at leading accountancy firm Grant Thornton, the audit results confirm Kaloti’s full compliance with DMCC Guidelines, which are based on the OECD’s, and are in line with international standards for responsible sourcing of precious metals.

Amagi Metals, the Gold dealer that will dump US dollar for crypto currencies

  • Amagi Metals has been accepting cryptocurrencies since November of 2012 with a major focus on Bitcoin. Bitcoin now accounts for over 40% of the company’s customer payments

BIS to provide unique ID for each piece of hallmarked jewellery sold in India

  • He also emphasised on the need to make the jewellery hallmarking system in India more reliable to improve the competitiveness of Indian industry and protect Indian consumers in a much better way

Gold may witness sideways trend for next six months

  • Florian Siegfried said mid-cycle corrections in gold tend to last up to four years. It has been more than three years now, probably 3.5 for the miners.

Geopolitical issues, interest rate provide support for Gold: ETFS

  • In a weekly report, it said gold may surprise investors to the upside this year, due to rising geo-political risks which are likely to escalate, less than robust growth data and central banks issuing decidedly dovish messages.
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