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Monex spot gold prices opened the week at $1,210 . . . traded as high as $1,217 on Monday and as low as $1,190 on Tuesday . . . and the Monex AM settlement price…..Continue

Gold supplies extends decline in 2014, may be supportive of prices

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  • When gold prices rose to $2000 per ounce levels, there was considerable selling of old gold for recycling but now they have very little left to sell and becasue prices are no longer as attractive, he said.

Gold needs to strengthen against S&P 500

  • However, charts are indicative of a bottom formation in precious metals, according to Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, The Daily Gold. Silver seems to have witnessed a major bullish reversal and from major support at $15 an ounce

China Gold imports, production set to rise in 2015

  • As regards the concerns over the Chinese gold demand, chairman of the Shanghai Gold Exchange Xu Luode told the conference that the gold market in 2014 is still a CHINA YEAR

Is a consensus emerging on $1500 Gold soon among analysts?

  • Steven Hochberg, Chief Market Analyst at Elliot Wave International, feels gold could target $1440-$1525 range in 2015 as per Elliot Wave theory.

DGCX named 'Exchange of the Year' for second year in a row

  • DGCX plans to launch a wide range of Emerging Market (EM) currency products targeted at Middle East customers in 2015. In the pipeline are new currency futures including the South African Rand, Russian Rouble and the Korean Won.

DGCX signs MoU with China Financial Futures Exchange

  • The DGCX-CFFEX MoU is the latest in a growing number of agreements between the UAE and China as both countries strengthen bilateral financial cooperation and promote trade and investment.

Gold hits a high of $1219, Silver 16.77: Monex Precious Metals Review

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  • Monex spot gold prices opened the week at $1,198 . . . traded as high as $1,200 on Tuesday and as low as $1,164 on Friday . . . and the Monex AM settlement price on Friday was $1,167, down $34 for the week

Gold could witness bi-directional movements: Jeff Nichols

  • Negative sentiments maintained by large institutional investors have contributed to the weak trend in gold in recent years but it is also being accumulated in large quantities now.

GJF welcomes move to abolish 80:20 rule for Gold imports in India

  • The move to abolish 80:20 Rule comes close on the heels of GJF’s letter to Prime Minister Shri Modi last week and persistent efforts with key policy makers for more than 12 months. It also comes as a relief to all those people who are buying gold & jewellery during the wedding season.
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