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Many Shanglin miners go into hiding in Gold rich Ghana

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Shanglin is China's gold county as it is rich in gold. The Shanglin people have had a tradition of gold mining for generations.

(BullionStreet): Thousands of Chinese miners are still hiding in Ghana, hoping to fulfill their dream of quick riches even after Chinese authorities confirmed the return of more than 1000 gold miners from the West African nation.

Those who remained in Ghana are risking their lives to become rich as they could be easily spotted even if they get assistance from mining mafia in Ghana, analysts said.

Chinese miners were also accused of causing environmental damage by polluting rivers as they were mining near rivers after most gold deposits in mountainous regions had been monopolized by mining giants from Europe and the US.

Most of these illegal miners,sent home and staying back,are from Shanglin County in Southeast China's Guangxi province. More than 10,000 people from Shanglin have moved to Ghana.

Shanglin is China's gold county as it is rich in gold. The Shanglin people have had a tradition of gold mining for generations.

However, Shanglin's gold were depleted during the last decade and many miners were migrated to other areas to continue their gold prospecting and mining. They got a perfect place in Ghana when the West African nation opened up it's gold mines.

What forced them to stay in Ghana despite suffering violence and robbery even from the military and police apart from gangsters is the urge to become quick riches.

These people didn't know anything but mining and nowhere else to go, they would rather die in Ghana if they can't make enough money to return home.

The only way for these Chinese illegal individual minters to stay unnoticed in Ghana is to mingle with legal employees of Chinese companies working in the country, but that isn't easy as companies are concerned about losing their mining contracts just for the sake of protecting some illegal miners even if they were fellow countrymen.

Six major Chinese companies are operating legally in Ghana and most of them are already in trouble, accused of abusing labor rights and causing environmental damage in the country.

It is highly unlikely that any of these companies will came to the rescue of the remaining illegal individual Chinese miners, analysts added.

No one has the exact number of Chinese miners in Ghana. Authorities estimated that gold miners from Shanglin alone, both legal and illegal,numbers around 50,000. The fate of most of these workers remained uncertain for the time being.

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