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NYMEX palladium futures hit their highest level since August 2011 on Monday while platinum rose by $7.70 an ounce. ..Continue

Lacklustre Palladium amidst mine strikes and disruptions

  • Platinum and palladium lease rates are normally regarded as the advance warning that something is amiss and will invariably presage a move in prices.

NYMEX Palladium to trade in b/w $730-815/Oz range in April: INTL FCStone

  • NYMEX palladium are expected to trade in between $730-$815 an ounce range this April, said INTL FCStone but are more constructive on the complex going forward assuming end-user demand remains strong from palladium's two key catalytic markets, i.e., the US and China.

UBS sees further bullishness for PGMs despite recent setbacks

  • UBS remains bullish on PGMs, with the 2014 platinum price forecast at $1,500 an ounce and 2015 at $1,750 an ounce . The 2014 palladium price forecast of $825 an ounce is unchanged, but UBS raised its 2015 forecast to $875 an ounce from $850 an ounce.

UBS trims 2014 Silver price forecast from $22.30 to $21.80/Oz

  • Zurich based UBS trimmed its this year average silver price forecast from $22.30 an ounce to $21.80 an ounce, saying the metal struggled to fully benefit from gold's safe-haven first-quarter gains.

CIBC remains upbeat on Platinum and Palladium

  • Toronto based CIBC World Markets said that they remain upbeat on platinum group metals despite the risk of a selloff as the market is already very long.

Strengthening automobile industry demand, supply concerns to boost Platinum prices

  • Platinum prices surged 3.1% while palladium was close behind with 2.3% gains. Three of world's largest platinum producers warned their suppliers last week that they may not be able to make deliveries, while other miners noted that they may have to procure platinum in the open market.

What to drive Platinum prices higher in 2014?

  • Paris based Natixis believes that the most important factor behind higher platinum prices this year could be a pick-up in European automobile demand.

Strikes in South Africa may boost PGMs prices in near term

  • The British Bank HSBC thought strikes in South Africa are likely to boost platinum group metals prices in near term.

Palladium prices rally 7% in 2014 YTD, hits resistance at $800

  • With prices unable to breach $800 level, left many momentum investors frustrated. Both platinum and palladium prices have increased in 2014 partially on the back of South African miner strikes and potential supply disruptions in Russia on the back of the Crimean crisis.
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