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Over time, the ratio should trend downwards as all of the gold ever mined is still in existence and most of the silver gets used up in industrial applications and…..Continue

Electrical, Electronics sector to spur Silver industrial demand growth

  • The photovoltaic market has been a strong market for silver consumption. Since 2013, there has been rapid development in the Asia-Pacific region with China dominating, along with strong potential for South America and Africa.

Gold eyes FOMC meet, Silver supply to decline: ETFS

  • In US dollar terms, gold ended the week with a year-to-date (YTD) gain of 2.4% compared to the 6.3% YTD increase in the S&P 500 index and despite a 7.1% increase in the US dollar index.

First Majestic Silver Corp reports 5% growth in production in Q3

  • Total silver production for the quarter consisted of 2,680,439 ounces of silver, relatively unchanged compared to the same quarter in 2013.

Silver ETF holdings, Comex futures open intererst near record highs:ETFS

  • In contrast, non-commercial short interest in the futures market is near a record high, boosting futures open interest to the highest level since February 2008.

Golden rules to live by when investing in precious metals

  • If you have the wherewithal and resources to trade or leverage a position, then you can use it as leverage within some other asset class. If you are set on leaving the island at some point and you have a hard price target, then you would wait until you hit that point.

Silver prices near a floor, attractive to investors: ETFS

  • Precious metals remains under pressure on strong US dollar and the US FOMC meeting shifted the foucs to the timing and scale of future US interest rate hikes.

Silver could rebound strongly on global economic recovery: ETFS

  • Silver's strong correlation with gold has been the main price driver, in the absence of a strong demand catalyst.

Sports: Silver fibers help transmit biometric data from Polo shirt

  • The high conductivity of silver, intertwined with the fiber of the form-fitting shirt, is a key to the technology that tracks and transmits the wearer’s heart rate, stress level, distance and breathing data in real time and streams the biometric data directly to a smart phone or other device.

Silver Wheaton initiates CSR proejct for miners Primero and Barrick

  • Silver Wheaton has recently committed to supporting programs led by two of its partners, Primero Mining Corp. and Barrick Gold Corporation.
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