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Production of gold during the month of August recorded at 9,931 kilograms, advanced 7.8% from 9,209 kilograms recorded in the same month last year, INEGI data showed...Continue

US Silver production declines 6% Y/Y in May: USGS

  • Based on unrounded data, the average daily silver production in May was 3,100 kg compared with 3,140 kg in April and 3,190 kg for full year 2014.

Peru Gold, Silver output rise in June: Govt

  • The country produced 70246 kg of gold during the period from January to June 2015, increased 7.76% from 65187 kg recorded in the corresponding period last year.

US Silver jewellery imports rise in Jan-May

  • U.S. imports from Thailand are up 18.5% through the end of May while China showed an increase of 14% in the same period.

Silver Institute to expand Silver jewellery promotiion scheme

  • Currently silver jewelry companies selected to participate in Savor Silver are designated as Designers of Distinction or SilverMark Partners. New participants will be identified as Silver Style Partners.

Mexico Silver output declines in May: INEGI

  • Production of gold advanced by 8.1% to 8,338 kilograms in May from 7,712 kilograms recorded in May last year.

Silver Institute sees uptick in Silver demand in H1 2015

  • The U.S. is the largest importer of silver jewellery, as measured in dollar terms, and this demand impacts silver trade across Asia.

How to obtain Silver coins and rounds in short supply

  • Some bullion investors are wondering if it is go time now. The events in Greece, the stock market sell-off in China, and silver prices falling to near $15/oz spiked demand for manufactured rounds, coins, and bars.

Turkey Silver imports decline 55.84% Y/Y in June

  • Silver imports during the period from January to June totalled 180.19 tons, recording a significant increase of 76.9% from the import of 101.85 tons in the corresponding period last year.

Gold and Silver spot prices increasingly detached from reality

  • The link between the spot price and physical demand is thin at best. That is why the base price for gold coins in an Athens coin shop can get cheaper, but the all-in cost of buying the coins goes up as the line of buyers grows.
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