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Precious metals remains under pressure on strong US dollar and the US FOMC meeting shifted the foucs to the timing and scale of future US interest rate hikes. ..Continue

Silver could rebound strongly on global economic recovery: ETFS

  • Silver's strong correlation with gold has been the main price driver, in the absence of a strong demand catalyst.

Sports: Silver fibers help transmit biometric data from Polo shirt

  • The high conductivity of silver, intertwined with the fiber of the form-fitting shirt, is a key to the technology that tracks and transmits the wearer’s heart rate, stress level, distance and breathing data in real time and streams the biometric data directly to a smart phone or other device.

Silver Wheaton initiates CSR proejct for miners Primero and Barrick

  • Silver Wheaton has recently committed to supporting programs led by two of its partners, Primero Mining Corp. and Barrick Gold Corporation.

India cuts import tariff value on Gold to $425/10 grams

  • During the first fortnight of this month, tariff value on imported gold stood at $428 per 10 grams and silver at $688 per kg.

First Majestic posts record quarterly Silver eqv. Oz production during Q2

  • First Majestic has reported a record quarterly silver equivalent production at its five operating silver mines in Mexico during the second quarter of this year.

Arun Jaitley disappoints Indian Gold traders

  • Arun Jaitley's maiden budget has disappointed surprised Indian gold traders, he left import taxes on gold unchanged at 10%, and surprising those who hoped he would be lowered.

Silver for treating infections in body

  • Piggybacking drugs on silver particles that pierce tumor cells and offload the chemicals is not a new idea, but a uniquely designed nanoparticle offers improvements over current techniques, technology may make it possible to use silver nanoparticles in treating infections anywhere in the body, according to researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Silver Inks and Pastes demand soars up to $2.8 bn in 2019

  • The thick-film segment consists of membrane switches, keyboards/keypads, capacitors, resistive heaters and electroluminescent wire (EL) lighting. This sector is expected to consume $2.8 billion in silver inks and pastes in 2019, compared with $2.0 billion today.

Silver makes bacteria susceptible to cell-busting properties

  • Hospital-borne infections are a threat to every patient, because the microbes are increasingly resistant to antibiotics. To help combat these dangerous microbes, especially life threatening ones like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a staph infection found in hospitals, health care professionals are turning to silver imbedded in instruments, hip and back implants, fabrics and furniture. Silver kills many bacteria without allowing them to become resistant to its cell-busting properties.
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